1 year ago

“Skinny Buddha Painting” is an acrylic on canvas-based creation of Leena Rao. In portrait orientation with dimensions 10" X 14"(25.40cm X 35.56cm) is a contemporary figurative art with a devotional aspect to it. When Gautam Buddha first left his kingdom in search of enlightenment, he was known as the "Skinny Buddha Painting." In addition to seeking out masters, he subjected his body to rigorous, protracted fasts as a form of asceticism. It was thought that elevating the intellect via physical punishment and that the gateway to wisdom may be reached at the brink of death. But after six years of this, the prince felt nothing but annoyance. He eventually understood that mental discipline was the key to finding tranquility. He practiced meditation at Bodh Gaya, in the contemporary Indian state of Bihar, until he "awakened," or realized enlightenment. Buddha Paintings are also a symbol of innocence and bliss. Paintings of Lord Buddha are also considered a shield against sorrow and negative energy. To see the original painting visit -