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Devotion | Handpainted original Ganesha painting & wall art Size: 36 x 48 Name: Devotion | Portrait | Acrylic on paper Art By: “Devotion ” is an acrylic on paper-based creation by Gopal Sharma. A young and virtuous soul can be spotted presenting flowers to Lord Ganesh as he desires the well-being and betterment of his devotees. An exhilarating acrylic painting that portrays the eternal bond and relation children share with the almighty god. Apart from Lord Ganesh, the girl also adds elements of spirituality, love, leadership, and self-enlightenment to the artist’s acrylic painting. It is an acrylic painting portraying the devotional aspect of people through a painter’s perspective. In portrait orientation with dimensions of 36" X 48"(91.44cm X 121.92cm). The Ganesh artwork made the acrylic paints a sublime symbol of intellect, wisdom, and prosperity. Theme suitable for: The use of delicate hues by the artist enhances the painting's appeal. We recommend that you hang this painting in your living room and puja room after considering its theme and color scheme. You can use this painting in the children's room to help them develop a devotion to the Lord and encourage daily prayer. Subjects: Devotional painting/ Lord Ganesha Painting Materials: Canvas Mediums: Acrylic Size: 36" X 48"(91.44cm X 121.92cm). Theme: Devotion Space: Living Room, Kids Room, Pooja Room. To see the original painting visit -