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Sexy adult humor t-shirts

Sexy adult humor t-shirts with sexually suggestive sex related ideas for adults that are sexual in nature.

Caution Top Heavy

If you're a woman with a disproportionately large bust so as to be in danger of toppling over, then you are Top Heavy and should warn others of this danger. If you're a man that loves large breasts on women, then you can wear this sexual t-shirt to advertise your preference. This sexy t-shirt also makes a great gift for college women with big boobs or men that love big boobs.

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Open For Business

Businesses open and close all the time, but when a woman is Open For Business the meaning takes on a whole new sexy turn. This funny sex related t-shirt isn't just for prostitutes and strippers, it's for any woman that's sexual, or any man that likes sex. Wear this sexually suggestive t-shirt and let everyone know there are still businesses that are open, including the oldest one of course.

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Twins With Nipples

Twins is a 1988 comedy film, or two offspring produced by the same pregnancy, but here of course, this sexy t-shirt is about women's twins aka boobs, breasts, the girls, mammaries, tits, etc.. If you love boobs, or you have boobs of your own, wear this sexy t-shirt and take the Twins out for a walk.

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Braless Pantyless Payless

Payless is an international discount footwear chain, but if you're a woman that wants to pay even less, then stop wearing those useless bras and panties and payless for those too; like nothing. Wear this thrifty, but very sexy t-shirt and celebrate your newfound financial freedom.

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The Wetter The Better

The term WAP stands for wet ass pussy, and what that really translates to is, The Wetter The Better. If you love sex with a woman, or actually are a woman, then wear this sexy t-shirt and find out how much better it is to be wetter. A great gift for female college students that like to slide through their courses.

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Welcome To The Smokeshow

Welcome to the shitshow is a popular phrase, but is very negative. If you're a woman that wants positive results, then welcome them to the smokeshow instead. Show off how smokin' hot you are with the sexiest of sexy t-shirts and watch how many people enjoy this show. A great gift for smokin' hot college students too.

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Thank You - Please Cum Again

This sexy sex related t-shirt isn't about what convenience store employees say, it's about having sex. If you love to love, then wear this sexually suggestive t-shirt to thank everyone that makes a deposit in the sperm bank aka condom. Female college students or homosexual males would love this shirt as a gift as well.

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For Exxxceptional Achievement In The Field Of Exxxcellence

There was the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence, but on this sexy t-shirt it's an award For Exxxceptional Achievement In The Field Of Exxxcellence which would be the porn movie sex version. If you're a woman that's hot in bed, or a man that loves porn, then wear this adult humor t-shirt inside and out.

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Twice As Nice For Half The Price

If you're a woman that's not high maintenance or a man that prefers a more down to Earth woman, then wear this sexy t-shirt that refers to women that are Twice As Nice For Half The Price. Advertise how nice and cheap you are with this sex related t-shirt, because everyone wants to save a buck or two.

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A Little S+M Never Hurt Anyone

S+M, or Sadism and Masochism, is the practice of using pain as a sexual stimulant. This sexy sex related t-shirt though is referring to the act of S+M not harming society, not the actual pain S+M can inflict. If you're into a little pain with your pleasure, then wear this sexual t-shirt and remember: No Pain, No Gain.

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