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Funny stoner and drug users t-shirts

Funny stoner and drug users t-shirts for marijuana activism, cannabis smokers, potheads, weed smokers, bong smokers and other drug users like cocaine, pills and magic mushrooms.

I Need Weed To Feed

There's hope for those who have eating disorders, as well as people whose medications suppress their appetite and it's called marijuana. The compound contained in cannabis products for stimulating appetite is called THC. We're not always about the 420 lifestyle though, sometimes it's about living life as well. Get more supporters for medical marijuana with this I Need Weed To Feed t-shirt.

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Don't Fear The Reefer

If you smoke weed, then you already know it's not as dangerous as everyone was lead to believe, and you also know that other people don't need to Fear The Reefer. You can still fear the reaper, just not the reefer. This marijuana activism t-shirt is for any stoner or medical marijuana user that wants to stop the insanity.

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Your Highness - My Highness

Your Highness is a 2011 American stoner comic fantasy film. Your Highness wasn't great, but My Highness is, referring to Your Highness of course. If you can figure that out, you need to smoke another joint, or bong, or something. Celebrate 420 with highness when you wear this funny cannabis clothing for adults.

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The Rolling Stoned

There's the Rolling Stones band, magazine and stones gathering moss, but this funny stoner t-shirt is about rolling joints to smoke and then getting stoned. If you smoke weed in joints, then you're The Rolling Stoned too. Celebrate 420 every day with this joint smokers t-shirt with a cannabis twist, literally.

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4:10 Early Bud Special

If everybody is sparking up at 4:20 then why not get ahead of the game by celebrating weed a little bit early with an early bud special. It's much better than an early bird special. Buy this funny stoner t-shirt and crack all your stoner buddies up earlier than anyone else.

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The Quest For Fire - Who's Gotta Light?

Remember the Quest For Fire movie in 1981 where Daryl Hannah and Rae Dawn Chong brought sexy back to the Stone Age. Now you can go on a quest for fire too with this funny movie parody stoner t-shirt. You need to light that joint, pipe or cigarette somehow and this shirt can help you finish your quest on a positive note.
Never ask anyone for a light again because this funny t-shirt does the asking for you by letting others know you need a light, badly. Of course, you can wear this t-shirt even when you don't need a light as well.

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Duh Potlympics

Consuming cannabis is older and more traditional than the Olympics, so buy this funny stoner t-shirt and celebrate Duh Potlympics by carrying the burning joint to your mouth. If you love weed then let other people know there should be a Potlympics.

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Merry Wanna

This funny weed t-shirt is for pot smokers and marijuana activists that want to make other stoners laugh without alerting straight people about their lifestyle. If you like to be subtle about your cannabis consumption then buy this t-shirt to show others that you wanna be merry and you love merry wanna aka marijuana.

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POT US - President Of THC In The United States

Donald Trump might be the President of the United States or POTUS, but now you can be the President of THC in the United States. Buy this funny POT US t-shirt and be treated like a celebrity when they find out you're the president.

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Oh Cannabis

If you're a Canadian pot smoker, then you'll love this version of Oh Canada titled, Oh Cannabis. The verse - with glowing eyes, we see the rise, is about waking and baking, just so you know. You can also get a rise out of this funny marijuana t-shirt every time a stoner reads it. Cannabis is not why Canadians are called crazy canucks, but maybe it should be cannabis canucks now.

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