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Funny drinking t-shirts for drunk drinkers

Funny drinking t-shirts for drunk drinkers that like to party. Humorous beer shirts, plus wine and booze tees as well. These witty t-shirts are for the drinkers that are also thinkers.

Tongs Thongs & Beer Bongs

If you love summer, then you'll love this Tongs Thongs & Beer Bongs t-shirt. Summer is all about backyard barbequing, babes in bikini's and bountiful beers. Now you can spread the summer sunshine with this funny t-shirt you can wear all year round.

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Beer Savant

A savant is a person of learning; especially one with detailed knowledge in some specialized field. If you love beer and you know your beer classics and craft beers, then wear this ultimate ale drinkers t-shirt and be a Beer Savant. And don't forget to sing the beer song too: Beer you, beer me. Beer, beer, beer, beer.

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Wodka - Like Vodka But With Twice The V Power

Vodka was a medicinal drink brought from Poland to Russia. While Wodka is a Polish term, the Hammer and sickle was added for the Russian influence on Vodka as well. As for having twice the V-Power, a double u, is really a double V instead, but it doesn't have twice the alcohol or anything, because it's actually the same thing.

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No Problem and Problem

The No Problem & Problem bumper sticker is usually found on Jeeps, SUV's and even boats, but until now it hasn't been applied to drunk people. Wear this drinkers t-shirt and be saved by others when you end up upside down for some bizarre reason. Drink responsibly and be prepared for all your alcoholic blunders with this funny t-shirt for drinkers.

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Bottomless Beer Belly

A beer belly is a man's fat stomach caused by excessive consumption of beer. Lots of guys have that, but how many drinkers have a bottomless beer belly. Wear this epic beer drinking t-shirt and become the life of the party or bar you're drinking in.

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Sweet dreams are made of the beers

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) is a song by the Eurythmics, but on this funny beer-drinking t-shirt sweet dreams are made of the beers, y'know, when you pass out. Wear this funny beer lovers t-shirt and drink beer until you dream sweet dreams of beer.

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I was visited by 3 spirits last night - Whiskey Rum and Tequila

We all know that A Christmas Carol is about Ebenezer Scrooge who is visited by 3 spirits. On this funny drinking t-shirt, the 3 spirits are whiskey, rum, and tequila. Wear this funny drinkers t-shirt if you love your spirits, or just want to have some laughs and an excuse to drink at Christmas time. It also makes a great Christmas gift for any college student as well.

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Thor and The Avengers like to enjoy their revels, which just means; to enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way, especially with drinking and dancing. So, it wasn't the Devil that made you do it, it was the revel. If you're a drinker and a party person, then wear this revelers party t-shirt to your next bash.

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Thor God of the Hammered

In the Ragnarok movie, Odin asks Thor if he is the God Of Hammers. Now, of course, Thor isn't the god of hammers, but on this funny drinking t-shirt for adults, he is the god of the hammered, which refers to getting shitfaced drunk of course, and he does get drunk quite often in the movies. If you like to get hammered too, then you should have Thor watching over you, just to be safe.

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Party Hardy Boy - In Search Of Spirits

Remember The Hardy Boys TV show or books? Teenagers acting as amateur sleuths. This funny drinking t-shirt is a parody of the Hardy Boys and instead refers to being a Party Hardy Boy and being in search of spirits. If you like to party, and party hardy, then wear this drinker's t-shirt for men to college parties and be treated like a celebrity. Don't change your drinking habits, just change your shirt and wear this funny drinking-to-get-drunk men's t-shirt to be treated like the king of the wingding.

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